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Use your music playlists to actually get MORE work done

While silence works for some people, there are certain situations where music will help a person’s productivity. Here are a few examples of how and when you can use music to increase your production.

The Whole Human

How to stay humble and sincere when you’re doing really well

In the age of the humblebrag, it can be slightly complicated to know when or how to brag and when to keep your good news to yourself.


Use these 7 tips to squeeze some fitness into your next business trip

Fitness gurus share how you can put a jump in your step with a little bit of effort the next time you’re on a business trip.


Get serious about networking: 5 tips for making a connection

Networking is the ultimate route, and the reasons are endless. You’ll meet investors, leaders, and potential team members. Here are some of my favorite networking methods that continue to work for me.

Tax Day

Happy Tax Day! Personal finance tips for the financially clueless

How to set a budget, shop smarter and live better without really knowing what you're doing.

Office Life

How to handle ghosting in the workplace

Career experts shed their best advice for dealing with this spooky situation, all while maintaining your professional cool.


How to use the right tone in emails

Your messages are more than facts and figures about the business. Each word carries tone and significance, and employees scrutinize every sentence in search of meaning.


How to ‘reboot’ your creative brain and refresh your focus in 15 minutes or less

Change your brain, change your life. If you want to be in control of your life, control the command center of your body.

According to Science

Why do smart people do stupid things? The science of avoiding poor decision making

Why do smart people make stupid decisions and how can it be avoided? Learn the science of how to avoid poor decision making.

How To

4 steps to help you wake up, engage, and create the job of your dreams

You can transform your job for the better. But first, you must take a look at what you're doing (or not doing) to create your own problems.


How to manage a team that’s getting nowhere

It's hard to work in a department that isn't doing well, but being in charge of one is a whole different story.

career change

A day-by-day guide to your first week at a new job

Since many feel overwhelmed acclimating to different cultural norms, office politics and processes, it’s better to break up the days with micro goals. Not sure where to begin? No worries: consider this your no-brainer timeline for making it through the week stress-free.


What can I do for 10 minutes every day that will change my life?

Even though I practice these habits for more than 10 minutes a day, they can be practiced for as long or short a time period as you want. All you need is a timer, a piece of paper, a pencil, and a motivated attitude. Here are 4 habits that can change your life in only 600 seconds a day.

Food at work

Is your lunch making you depressed? What you’re eating may be the problem

Are you feeling constantly down at work, unable to shake off that feeling even when you are home? What you are eating could be a factor. We are taught to examine what's going on in our heads when depression hits us. Less attention gets paid to what is going into our guts.


What do you do when someone ‘steals’ your amazing idea?

In life, there are plenty of crayons to color with. The wise child happily finds new ways to create something original.

Office Life

FBI instructor on how you can help prevent workplace violence

There have already been seven workplace shootings in the U.S. in the last 28 months. To save lives, preparation needs to start before a disgruntled employee enters your building with a gun. Here's how employees can identify and stop unstable, at-risk employees before it’s too late.

Remote work

How to stay engaged in company culture when you work remotely

Even working in your pajamas on your couch can have its downsides.

Office Life

The 3 most annoying types of coworkers – and what you can do about them

Over the course of our careers, there are certain types of coworkers we run into over and over. They drive us crazy without even trying. Until we learn how to manage them, we’re hopelessly distracted by the daily frustration of their existence.

Equal Pay Day

How to ask for more money — and why you should

Another year, another Equal Pay Day with disappointing statistics about the gender pay gap. These evidence-based reasons why women should use Equal Pay Day — April 10, 2018 — as an impetus to negotiate for fair pay.


10 tips to make your mark and bring others along for the ride

Since we’re all stronger when we work together, the question is: how do you make your mark and bring others along for the ride?

Words at Work

7 types of words you need to stop capitalizing

Capitalization matters. When you handle upper and lowercase words like a pro, it shows poise, smarts and maturity. Proper capitalization is one more way to distance yourself from the competition.

Job Search

6 reasons you’re not getting hired and how to fix them

Remove these obstacles that are preventing you from getting hired.

The Whole Human

How to achieve your goals the easy way (using the Kaizen approach)

Sometimes it can be so hard to achieve your goals. Here's an easy way to achieve your goals using the Kaizen approach.

Office Life

How to deal with someone who shares too much — whether it’s a coworker, your boss or you

This one's a classic: You go out of your way to not share too much about your personal life at work so your colleagues feel comfortable working with you, but sometimes, someone hasn't gotten the memo.

How To

The quickest way to bounce back from failure according to science

Sometimes a pity party can be useful.