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More employees would pick natural light over childcare when it comes to work perks

Today's Top Stories September 25, 2018


Survey: This city has the most employees who quit over a bad commute

"Professionals may not need to put up with a lengthy or stressful trip to the office if there are better options available."


How staying busy can boost your memory

"Greater busyness was associated with better processing speed, working memory, episodic memory, reasoning, and crystallized knowledge."


Survey: 52% of workers say a ‘higher salary’ is needed to remain at their company

Furthermore, 72% of employees think that not being able "to find different or better roles internally" leads people to leave their company.

Job search

6 best cities around the U.S. to kickstart (or restart!) your career

To help you launch your new career, we’ve gathered a list of the best U.S. cities where starting a career is MUCH easier than in other places.


How imaginary deadlines can boost productivity

By setting an internal deadline that you work toward independent of your real deadline, you can kickstart your creative juices and avoid scrambling.

The Whole Human

Thinking patterns and mental habit loops

The late historians Will and Ariel Durant spent four decades of their life studying, compiling, and writing the history of Western civilization.


Does exercise make you more productive?

All the sitting down we do has been recognized as having a negative impact on both health and productivity. Here is what we can do to improve our health.


How to deal with needy relatives while you’re at work

“It’s all about setting boundaries and making work time meaningful and productive, and family time – just that.”

Morning Routine

Grow your network in the time it takes to make your morning coffee

“[While you] wait for the coffee to brew, you can re-engage a handful of people, every day, and it ends up being hundreds of people per year.”


3 questions I ask before making decisions

"These three questions often have no easy answers. But they’re well worth asking if you’re in the business of making difficult decisions."


How to get rid of laziness and carelessness

"The secret to doing the work is simple and doable for lazy people too: show up consistently. Showing up is the #1 requirement to be able to do anything."

how to

6 ways to master the art of the first impression

Put away your phone.


How to lower your bills: Tips from the FBI’s top hostage negotiator

How to lower your bills by using the same persuasive techniques as an FBI hostage negotiator.


Are you neglecting this important health practice?

Learn from my experience. ... Doing so will calm your spirit, improve your health, and hopefully prevent you from waking up with a wrenched back!


18 quotes that (if applied) will make you more successful

"A human mind is a terrible thing to waste. It’s even more tragic when the mind is one that was successful in the past but is now congealing in contentment.” — Roger Dawson

Office Life

How to correct someone who is saying your name all wrong

If you know your name is going to cause confusion, you can preemptively stop confusion by including phonetic hints of how it should be said.


These are the hardest tech roles to fill at work

Technology leaders were asked what positions were the hardest for them to fill and data security professionals were listed as in highest demand.


If you love brainteasers during job interviews, you’re likely a sadist

Brainteaser questions ultimately may reveal more about what is going on in the hiring manager's brain more than the job candidate's.


Survey: Execs think 47% of their best talent will quit ‘within 2 years of hire’

"The diversity problem in talent management feels like it's worse than ever ... At the same time, we know that the quality ... available today is unmatched."


Turns out thinking burns calories, so grab that extra donut at work

Yes we do indeed burn some calories when we are thinking, according to recent research. But it depends on the type of task you are doing.


Why you should wear a high collar in your office this fall

Get ready to see some high collars in your office. High Elizabethan-type collars were all over the spring 2019 New York Fashion Week runways including Versace, Gucci and Chanel.

The Whole Human

How to come out stronger during any season of change

Although change can be scary at times, it’s an opportunity to grow through what you go through and to come out on the other side a bit stronger than before.


Why leaders should write ‘we/us’ instead of ‘I/me’

"Word choice can create unnecessary distance and fracture the relationship between management and staff. ... Keep an eye on 'I'."

Work-Life Balance

What to do if your partner works too much

When one partner is habitually working late, bringing work home, or going into the office on weekends, the hard feelings linger.


This former Google and Facebook exec expects job candidates to negotiate their offer

Libby Leffler, the VP of membership at SoFi, expects candidates to negotiate their job offer because it shows how they'll behave once they get hired.

In case you missed it:


Study finds that ‘very unattractive’ people make more money

A study from the Journal of Business and Psychology of 20,000 young Americans, interviewed the subjects at home at age 16 and then three more times before they turned 29-years-old. The researchers looked at the correlation between attractiveness and income of the participants based on a five-point scale of physical attractiveness from "very unattractive" to "very attractive." They found something very interesting when it came to looks and earnings...


This is the surprising benefit of going for that third cup of coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning is absolutely needed to wake you up. The second cup of coffee a bit later keeps the momentum up. The third cup is when you start to feel a bit guilty and doubt your sense of self. But this new study will help get rid of that guilt.


Stanford professor: The workplace is literally killing us

No good employer is going to outright say that they kill you, but new research finds that too many modern workplaces are grim reapers inflicting a fatal amount of stress on our bodies and minds.

You must meet one-on-one with your new hire in the first week … or else